On Friday 7th August 2015 Paul Waring, Chris Bolton and Fraser McCord will choose from three different routes. The first goes to the island area, which is a nature object on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage. The terrain is fairly difficult and about 20 km long (IML-distance). The other routes are, 10 km and 21 km.

The track can in some places be very nasty on the archipelago tour.

On Saturday and Sunday they can choose between four different routes, 10 km, 21 km, 30 km and 42 km, which all start from the Market Place. To complete the challenge will require a great deal of effort and dedication, please encourage your members to support them in this venture in aid of the 2021 Mark Festival by completing the associated sponsorship forms, not forgetting to use Gift Aid where appropriate. All sponsorship money raised within your Mark or RAM Lodges will be credited to your 2021 Mark Festival total. They do the work and you will get the credit Please find further information and sponsorship forms for this event below: Vaasan Marssi Event