80 horses were sold to Lodge Members before the event and sponsors were found for all 9 races. We were also very lucky to get an event sponsor for the first time. Individual horse tickets at only 50p each were also sold, so we managed to take a total of £404.50 on the 9 races and paid out a grand total of £189.00. (46.7% return).

We then sold off the the 8 horses in the 9th race with the winning owner taking the lions share of the takings. This raised the magnificent sum of £228.00 and returned to the winning owner £120.00 (52.6% return).

The owner of every horse in all 9 races along with the race sponsor, received a bottle of wine.

After race 6, we took a 30 minute break and managed to squeeze in a raffle, which raised a further £100.00.

There were 10 Lodge Members and 40 other people in attendance. A very good, friendly and fun night was had by all and the Mark 2021 Festival received the fantastic sum of £630 after everything was paid for.