The weather forecast was fine but it was still cold at six in the morning as we set off from the visitor’s centre at the base of Ben Nevis. Our guide for the day was Andy, who was going to take escort Colin Bodimeade, Linda Plover and myself.

We had chosen to use the mountain track, the path was well worn and the ascent gradual.

Very quickly the path became less well defined with a lot of sharp stones and the slope got steadily steeper.

Although the going was getting tougher we made excellent progress and finally reached the summit at about 10 a.m.

We had not seen many people on the way up but there was quite a few people at the summit when we arrived, we only stopped briefly to have our photographs taken with our mark festival shirts and baseball caps, Colin had brought a bottle of the mark brew to the summit this was also photographed but not drunken as we still had to descend off the mountain. We set off back down the descent this was harder on the legs but we finally arrived at the Ben Nevis inn where we enjoyed a well-earned drink at about 14.00 hours. I would like to thank Lynda and Colin for supporting me on the walk and everybody who sponsored me.