Donation Giving Options:

As an individual you now have three-ways which enable you to donate in a manner that suits you:

  1. Individual Regular Giving Form – Individual Regular Giving Form to 2021 Festival
  2. Individual One-off Giving Form – Individual One Off Giving Form to 2021 Festival
  3. Individual Debit/Credit Card Giving Form – Card Giving Form to 2021 Festival

Using any of the above forms automatically registers your donation to you personally and the 2021 ‘Mark’ Festival.


As a Lodge we have one form which enables a quick and smooth donation process

  1. Lodge Giving Form – Lodge Giving Form to 2021 Festival


The income to the MBF is principally from Individual and Lodge contributions towards Life Subscriber, Life Governor, Vice Patron, Patron, Grand Patron and Grand Patron Gold Award of the Fund. The qualifications are as follows:


Ladies/ Lewis


 Life Subscriber



 Life Governor






£25.00 per member




£50.00 per member

 Grand Patron



Patron plus £1000.00

 Grand Patron Gold Award



Grand Patron plus £2500.00


Download MBF Honorifics



Completed ‘Individual ONE-OFF’ and ‘Lodge Giving’ donation forms and cheques (made payable to East Lancs Mark 2021 Festival‘) should be returned to: D.J.Rainsbury, 2 Kings Drive, Marple, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 6NQ

A other forms are to be sent to: Mark Masons’ Hall, 86, St. James’s Street, London SW1 1PL